Species Named After PSG and Phasma Members

Compiled by Phil Bragg & Judith Marshall

About 441 species of phasmids have been named after men, and 42 after women (data from The Phasmid Database, 2007). Species named after men end in i or ii; those named after women end in ae.

Since the formation of the PSG in 1980, over 70 species have been named after members of the Group and colleagues.

Species named after PSG Members 1

These two display cases of insects from Phil Bragg's personal collection show 18 of the species that have been named after PSG members. A full list of species named after members is given below.

Species named after PSG Members 2

List of phasmids named after PSG and Phasma members. 

Species in alphabetical order, then in chronological sequence;

where in culture, the PSG number is given.


Hoploclonia abercrombiei Bragg, 1995 – Named after Ian Abercrombie: PSG.165.

Calvisia (Nigracalvisia) abercrombiei Seow-Choen, 2016 - Named after Ian Abercrombie.

Calvisia (Viridicalvisia) bakeri Seow-Choen, 2017- Named after Ed Baker.

Ramulus braggi Hennemann, 2002 – Named after Phil Bragg.

Acacus braggi Hennemann & Conle, 2003 – Named after Phil Bragg.

Dinophasma braggi (Zompro, 2004) – Named after Phil Bragg.

Maculonecroscia braggi Seow-Choen, 2016 - Named after Phil Bragg.

Laevediacantha bresseeli Seow-Choen,2017 - Named after Joachim Bresseel.

Parasinophasma bresseeli Ho, 2017 - Named after Joachim Bresseel.

Alienobostra brocki (Hausleithner, 1987) – Named after Paul Brock: PSG.52.

Planososibia brocki (Seow-Choen, 2000) - Named after Paul Brock.

Megacrania brocki Hsiung, 2003 - Named after Paul Brock.

Brockphasma Ho, Liu, Bresseel & Constant, 2014 - Named after Paul Brock: PSG.368.

Asceles brocki Seow-Choen, 2016 - Named after Paul Brock.

Lamachodes brocki Ho, 2018 - Named after Paul Brock.  

Mnesilochus bushelli (Bragg, 2005) – Named after Mark Bushell.

Neoclides buescheri Seow-Choen, 2016 - Named after Thies Büscher.

Extatosoma carlbergi Beccaloni, 1993 – Named after Ulf Carlberg.

Lonchodes chani (Hausleithner, 1991) – Named after Chew Lun Chan: PSG.27.

Dajaca chani Seow-Choen, 1998 – Named after Chew Lun Chan.

Diesbachia chani Bragg, 2001 – Named after Chew Lun Chan.

Phobaeticus chani Bragg, 2008 [changed to Sadyattes, Seow-Choen, 2017] - Named after Chew Lun Chan.

Calvisia (Viridocalvisia) chani Seow-Choen, 2016 - Named after Chew Lun Chan.

Genus Channia Seow-Choen, 2016 - Named after Chew Lun Chan.

Achrioptera cliquennoisi Hennemann & Conle, 2004 - Named after Nicolas Cliquennois: PSG.360.

Ophicrania conlei Gottardo, 2011- Named after Oskar Conle.

Orthonecroscia conlei Seow-Choen, 2016 - Named after Oskar Conle [synonymised with Orthonecroscia f. fuscoannulata (de Haan, 1842) by Seow-Choen, 2019].

Phyllium (Phyllium) conlei Cumming, Valero & Teemsma, 2018 - Named after Oskar Conle.

Parasinophasma constanti Ho, 2017 - Named after Jerome Constant.

Loxopsis delfossei Seow-Choen, 2016 - Named after Emmanuel Delfosse.

Orestes draegeri Bresseel & Constant, 2018 - Named after Holger Dräger: PSG.397.

Calvisia (Nigracalvisia) fordae Seow-Choen, 2016 - Named after Natalie Ford.

Clonaria fritzschei (Zompro, 2000) – Named after Ingo Fritzsche.

Rhamphosipyloidea gorkomi (Hausleithner, 1990) – Named after Eric & Johan van Gorkom: PSG.90.

Phyllium (Pulchriphyllium) groesseri Zompro, 1998 – Named after Detlef Größer.

Phyllium (Pulchriphyllium) detlefgroesseri Seow-Choen, 2017 – Named after Detlef Größer.

Staelonchodes harmani (Bragg & Chan, 1993) – Named after Allan Harman: PSG.247.

Ommatopseudes harmani (Brock, 1995) – Named after Allan Harman.

Thaumatobactron harmani Hennemann & Conle, 1998 – Named after Allan Harman.

Maculonecroscia harmani Seow-Choen, 2016 - Named after Allan Harman [synonymised with Maculonecroscia heros (Redtenbacher, 1908) by Seow-Choen, 2017].

Calvisia (Nigracalvisia) harmani Seow-Choen, 2019- Named after Allan Harman.

Phyllium (Phyllium) hausleithneri Brock, 1999 – Named after Berghard Hausleithner: PSG.104.

Oreophoetophasma hennemanni Zompro, 2002 – Named after Frank Hennemann.

Hennobrimus hennemanni Conle, 2006 (now Mearnsiana bullosa Rehn & Rehn, 1939) - Named after Frank Hennemann.

Calvisia (Punctatocalvisia) hennemanni Seow-Choen, 2016 - Named after Frank Hennemann.

Genus Hennemannia Seow-Choen, 2016 - Named after Frank Hennemann.

Lonchodes hosei herberti Bragg, 2001 (now a synonym of Lonchodes cultratolobatus (Brunner, 1907)) - Named after Mel Herbert: PSG.181.

Tirachoidea herberti Hennemann & Conle, 2008 - Named after Mel Herbert.

Phaenopharos herwaardeni Hennemann, Conle & Brückner, 1996 – Named after Heinz van Herwaarden: PSG.104.

Phryganistria heusii heusii (Hennemann & Conle, 1997) – Named after Peter Heusi: PSG.277.

Spinodares jenningsi Bragg, 1998 – Named after Paul Jennings.

Decidia kneubuehleri Conle, Hennemann & Gutiérrez, 2011- Named after Bruno Kneubühler.

Asceles kneubuehleri Seow-Choen, 2016 - Named after Bruno Kneubühler.

Calvisia (Calvisia) kneubuehleri Bresseel & Constant, 2017 - Named after Bruno Kneubühler.

Orestes krijnsi Bresseel & Constant, 2018 - Named after Rob Krijns: PSG.405.

Staelonchodes malleti (Bragg, 2001) – Named after Serge Mallet: PSG.200.

Presbistus marshallae Bragg, 2001- Named after Judith Marshall.

Caledonia marshallae Zompro, 2001-Named after Judith Marshall.

Monticomorpha marshallae Conle & Hennemann, 2002 - Named after Judith Marshall.

Apterograeffea marshallae Cliquennois & Brock, 2002 - Named after Judith Marshall.

Neoclides m. marshallae Seow-Choen, 2016 – Named after Judith Marshall.

Hennemannia marshallae Seow-Choen, 2019 - Named after Judith Marshall.

Olcyphides rabaeyae Conle, Hennemann & Gutierrez, 2011 - Named after Kristien Rabaey.

Conogalactea imponens rabaeyae Seow-Choen, 2016 - Named after Kristien Rabaey.

Nuichua rabaeyae Bresseel & Constant, 2018 - Named after Kristien Rabaey: PSG.395.

Megacrania rentzi Hsiung, 2002 - Named after David Rentz.

Onchestus rentzi Brock & Hasenpusch, 2006 - Named after David Rentz: PSG.308.

Sipyloidea rentzi Brock & Hasenpusch, 2007 - Named after David Rentz.

Nanophyllium rentzi Brock & Grösser, 2008 - Named after David Rentz.

Phyllium (Phyllium) saltonae Cumming, Baker, Le Tirant & Marshall, 2020 - Named after Mary Salton.

Loxopsis seowi Brock, 1999 – Named after Francis Seow-Choen.

Neonescicroa tatianaae Seow-Choen, 2017 - Named after Tatiana Kompantseva.

Parastheneboea yehi Brock, 1999 – Named after Michael K.P. Yeh.

Dares ziegleri Zompro & Fritzsche, 1999 – Named after Ulrich Ziegler.

Parapachymorpha zomproi Fritzsche & Gitsaga, 2000 – Named after Oliver Zompro: PSG.224.

Phyllium (Walaphyllium) zomproi Größer, 2001 – Named after Oliver Zompro.

Necroscia zomproi Seow-Choen, 2016 - Named after Oliver Zompro.

Neooxyartes zomproi Ho, 2018 - Named after Oliver Zompro: PSG.403.

Also: Named after Jack Hasenpusch, though not a member - Nanophyllium hasenpuschi Brock & Grösser, 2008,

and Pseudophasma lakini Conle & Hennemann, 2012 - Named after Curtis Lakin: PSG.394.