Phasmid Study Group Newsletter: Writing Articles

There are absolutely no strict rules for writing articles for the PSG Newsletter. The Editor is very easy-going and pretty much anything you submit will be published.

Helpful Pointers

  • Articles are mainly written by PSG members. However, articles by non-members are also very welcome.
  • All articles should relate in some way to Phasmids or the Phasmid Study Group but if in doubt, submit it anyway for consideration.
  • "Articles" can be as short as one liners (e.g. to impart a small piece of information), or as long as you like.
  • Very scientific (especially taxonomic) papers may be more suited to the PSG group's journal, Phasmid Studies. But if in doubt, send them to either the PSG Newsletter or Phasmid Studies editors and they will decide the better publication.
  • The editor of the PSG Newsletter aims to do the minimum of editing to the content of submitted articles. Such editing is mainly limited to correcting spellings and grammar, italicising species names, and adding pictures where there are none.
  • Please be aware that ALL submissions are reformatted to meet the generic format of the Newsletter - so fonts and font sizes are very likely to be changed.
  • In all cases, where ANY changes are made, the editor will send copies of the amended article to the author for their approval prior to publication.

New Authors

If you want any assistance whatsoever, please feel free to contact the editor at any time via this form, or you can arrange to telephone him if this is more helpful (email to request phone number).

Formatting Articles

Articles can be submitted in ANY form. However, the preference is for articles to be in Microsoft Word and attached to an e-mail, although virtually any means of submission is acceptable, even hand written articles.

Submitting Articles

Please submit articles using this form.